TALKTALK - The UK's Leading Internet Service Provider

Welcome to the Guide to TalkTalk website. This website is not connected with or run by TalkTalk, and is an independent website run by a TalkTalk user.

Benefits of signing up to TalkTalk UK as your Internet Service Provider

1. Make use of your free webspace supplied to you by TalkTalk

First off the best way to design your website is by using a separate webpage design program.

You will need to obtain a FTP program in order to transfer the webpages from your PC to your webspace. There are many free programs (and trials) available online to do this. Do a search on Google for FileZilla, CuteFTP, WS_FTP, or just 'Free FTP Client'. Once you have chosen your FTP client, downloaded it, and installed it, you will require the following settings to connect to your webspace.

Username: The username you selected when setting up your webspace - eg.
Password: The password you set when creating your free web space

2. Standard Rate Customer Service, Technical and Billing Support

You can call them on their standard rate telephone number 020 3441 5550 - instead of their advertised 0870 number. Although their 0870 number 0870 444 1820 is free to call from TalkTalk landlines. If you need to contact AOL whilst outside the UK, you can call them direct on their 020 telephone number (which would be charged at the standard international call rate).

Telephone Numbers:

Main Number (Support, Billing, Cancellations)
020 3441 5550

Alternative Number
+44 20 3441 5550

3. NO usage caps on their broadband packages - All are UNLIMITED, unlike most other internet providers

TalkTalk currently offers some of the best prices around for broadband and Fibre (FTTC) services. They do not limit your usage, or charge you extra if you are a high usage user. They also supply you with all the hardware required to get started. Their broadband packages start at £3.50, but normally offer a significant discount for signing up - Sometimes even free (As with their SimplyBroadband package which is often FREE for 12 months, just the regular line rental to pay. They offer unlimited access.

TalkTalk - Simply Broadband - £3.50

TalkTalk - Essentials TV - £8.50

TalkTalk - Plus TV - £18.50

Fibre Broadband (FTTC) can be added for £5.00 per month.

4. Stable and reliable network

TalkTalk is one of the UK's largest internet service providers (ISP's), and as such has one of the most reliable and stable networks in the world. Should a particular service go down, TalkTalk have the capacity available to re-route traffic through one of their other services to avoid any effect to their customers.

5. Special offer by signing up.

We are able to offer the following discounted offer by signing up to TalkTalk through this website. The offer changes frequently - The current offer (at the time of writing) is 12 months free broadband.